Here is the question which coming from our customers.


How can we trade with DAISHIN?

You are very welcome to trade with us. Simply, please send us your information for our system to register, once your shop has been registered, you can get our Japanese products as wholesales price.

What language can DAISHIN staffs speaks?

Our staffs are Khmer and Japanese who can speak Japanese, Khmer, English,Chinse!! We always welcome contacts from anyone!!

How can we contact DAISHIN?

Please visit " Contact Us"  page of which have our office phone number and e-mail address. In other way, you can contact via our Facebook page

How do we make a payment to Daishin?

We can accept cash on delivery, weekly or monthly payment with cash , bill ,bank transfer and wing etc... Please consult with us.

We are supplier of some goods. We want to start business for Cambodia. How should we do?

Before thinking , please contact us. We always wait for new and passionate parter and items!!

Where does Daishin source products from?

We are sourcing our products from Japan, Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia local etc...



Dose DAISHIN deliver the products to province?

YES, we can. We use kelly express system or bus service to send your products to any province from Phnom Penh. (shipping fee is excluded from products price)

Dose DAISHIN TRADING have any minimum orders for delivery?

After registered to our system, We will deliver our products to your store everyday without any minimum quantities.

When do we must place an order to Daishin by?

We can deliver to you within 3 hours from your order , if you are in Phom Penh.
If you want to place an order of big volume , please ask us before day you need.
Regarding some items , it takes one ~ a few days. Please ask us.

Can Daishin help us open ceremony?

Our responsibility is making our customer happy with us. We can help you hold open ceremoney with our staffs and some promotion goods like "Kagami wari".



I want to open Japanese restaurant (or start Japanese menu), can DAISHIN can provide receipt or training?


I want to open Japanese restaurant (or start Japanese menu), can DAISHIN can provide receipt or training?

Of course! We have wide ranges of knowledge of Japanese food. We can help our precious customer provide and make receipt, training.