YES, DAISHIN TRADING is leading company of Japanese food and bevarage products in Cambodia

We are the right partner of your Japanese business in Cambodia. We sell more than 1,000 Japanese F&B products in Cambodia. We would like to provide and contribute cleanliness, healthy and believable products to Cambodian food industry.

ពួកយើងគឺជាដៃគូដ៏ល្អឥតខ្ចោះសម្រាប់មុខជំនួញរបស់លោកអ្នក។​​ ពួកយើងមាន ផលិតផលរបស់ជប៉ុនជាង ១០០០ ប្រភេទ រួមមាន ភេសជ្ជះនិងគ្រឿងទេស​ ម្ហូបជប៉ុន។ ពួកយើងមានឆន្ទះក្នុងការផ្គត់ផ្គង់និងចែកចាយ ផលិតផលដែលមាន អនាម័យខ្ពស់ ប្រកបដោយផាសុកភាពនិងផលិតផលដែលមានទំនុកចិត្តទៅដល់សហគ្រាសម្ហូបអាហារនៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។


Yes, we promise with you.

DAISHIN TRADING (CAMBODIA) Co., ltd has started since 2013. We are the first Japanese foods distributor in Cambodia and leading company who owned and operated by Japanese food & beverage experts.

We promise with our customers that we will provide "Best products from best company " with "Best Quality" with "Best Price" with "Best Service".

We believe we can help your business in Cambodia.

Our history

Thanks to our customers, our suppliers, our people and all.

2013 SEP Starting DAISHIN TRADING CAMBODIA in Phnom Penh as Japanese ingridient distributor
NOV Start doing the business with Siem Reap and Shihanookbill customers
2014 MAR Start to have agent in Siem Reap
JUN Start distributing Japanese sake and alchols
SEP Moving office to Toul Tom Pong Phnom Penh
2015 JUN Starting KAGOME spagetti shop in AEON CAMBODIA
JUL Distributing retail products to major supermarket and phamacy
2016 SEP Opened Siem Reap branch
NOV Starting meat processing products
2017 FEB 1,000 items in our stock

Japa-Italian foods "Michie's Receipt" in Cambodia

Yes, we have tasty Japanese Italian foods in AEON Cambodia.

Italian foods such as spaghetti and omelette has been part of Japanese foods since 1960 with Asian taste and flavor. we provide Japa-Iltalian menu in AEON food court in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Please try our "Michie's Receipt menu"

We only use fresh tasty & safety products to our menu. If you are interested in learning how to cook, or franchisee of Michie's restaurant, please feel free to contact to us.

We wish many Cambodian people love our foods.


delica AEON Cambodia

Our Products

You can check our products. If you need particular products, please feel free to contact to us. We want to be your long-term partner of your business.